Karima Adebibe

Karima Adebibe كريمة أدبيب is a sexy arab moroccan actress and model.

Hot Karima Adebibe was born in London, her dad is Moroccan and her mother is Irish. She lived in Morocco until the age of 7. Never heard that arab name? Ok listen now...
Sexy Karima Adebibe is the new model for Lara Croft, the popular movie and video game Tomb Raider! She has many things in common with Angelina Jolie. They both like to travel, having adventures and doing sports. Karima says: "I also compare myself to Lara and with my dry sense of humour, I think we like to give our men a hard time! Lara Croft is one of the sexiest women on the planet so to be cast as her is such a huge compliment."

Karima Adebibe Video interview

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