Nawal Zoghbi

Nawal Zoghbi نوال الزغبي is a sexy arab lebanese famous singer.

Hot Nawal Zoghbi began singing at an early age, despite familial opposition to the lifestyle of a musician but her family changed their minds when they realised that she was serious in her ambitions. She admits that singing means more to her as a creative outlet than as a business bent on raking in big bucks. "When I am singing, I am no longer Nawal, I am transformed into a butterfly that is free and happy and when I see that happiness reflected in the audience's faces as we party together, this is the connection that is my greatest reward."

Sexy Nawal Zoghbi
has released a song dedicated to the palestinian cause. "Okay, so I can't carry a gun and fight like a man, but I felt so strongly concerned about the relentless violence, that I had to do something, so I made the song," she states.

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