Razan Moughrabi

Razan Moughrabi رزان مغربي is a sexy arab lebanese actress, TV presenter and singer.

Hot Razan Moughrabi presented for years a program called Razmania (Razan+music=Razmania?) dedicated to music on MBC channel. A TV presenter that became a singer & actress? How often this can happen? She is very popular in arab world and because of her TV job she met many local and international stars. No doubt about it Razan want to touch the sky. To give you an idea about her ambitions, this is what we can read in her website presentation: "Another name that will surely meet the ranks of Saab and Shakira soon enough is Raza." I know you're going to say: Hey what a girl!

Sexy Razan Moughrabi deserves it, she is such a lovely presenter! Moughrabi said in an interview: "One of the themes you will come across when you hear my songs is about Arab women being treated right socially and as an individual. As for my musical influences, I draw heavily on themes from my childhood and hometown and the people I met." She even said she is interested in politics because she loves power. A new international star is born?

Razan Moughrabi Video
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