Amelia Zidane

Amelia Zidane اميليا زيدان is a sexy arab algerian oriental belly dancer.

Hot Amelia Zidane was studying psychology but she always dreamed to become a famous oriental belly dancer. She first started as a choregrapher creating shows for dance spectacles. Later, she began dancing flamenco and Oriental modern dance. Amelia became famous after participating as a coach in Hezzi ya Nayem, an Oriental Belly dance show broadcasted on LBC.

Sexy Amelia Zidane is considered as one of the best oriental belly dancer in the world. She recorded in 1999 a hit single called Sefina and made an album with lebanese Dj Said Mrad. Zidane later moved to Lebanon where she decided to live. She is the only belly dancer that ever made the cover of famous french fashion magazine Elle.

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