Brigitte Yaghi

Brigitte Yaghi بريجيت ياغي is a sexy arab lebanese beautiful singer.

Hot Brigitte Yaghi was born in a family that love art and her dad Abdo Yaghi is a well known lebanese singer. Brigitte became well known in the arab world after participating in a lebanese talent show made by LBC tv channel. She didn't win the show but her natural beauty, sexy body and charming voice attracted many arab music lovers.

Sexy Brigitte Yaghi released a hot single directed by well known previous Britney Spears and Rihanna director Ray Kay. The song called Alby w Omry was produced by Ricky Stuart, a famous producer who worked for Michael Jackson. Her music video was shot in Los Angeles and it became a commercial for Pepsi aired on most arabic tv channels.

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