Carole Samaha

Carole Samaha كارول سماحة is a sexy arab lebanese singer star and a stunning actress.
Hot Carole Samaha dad's dream was to see his daughter becoming a famous arab star, unfortunately he died before seing his dream come true. Since she was very young, Carole participates to singing contests and music competitions for kids and her impressive voice and actress talent was obvious. First fascinated by drama and acting, she took part and excelled in many acting roles.

Sexy Carole Samaha talent didn't stop to acting, she was also dreaming to become a singer since she was a child and her unique extraordinary voice gave her The Edge To Shine. She started in 2000 with an impressive classical single "Bi Sabah el Alf el Talet" and released her first successful album "Helm" in 2003 who won the famous Murex d’Or. Carole songs attracted millions of listeners and her duo with Marwan Khoury in 2007 for "Ya Rab" was such a big success.

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