Dana Halabi

Dana Halabi دانا حلبي is a sexy arab lebanese model and singer.
Hot Dana Halabi was studying interior design when she started her modeling career in 2001. Since then Dana was elected Miss Magic Eyes in 2003 and Miss Oriental Dance in 2004. She was born in Kuwait but lived most of her life in Tripoli in Lebanon. This natural beautiful babe is married to a lawyer. She is known to be one of the few arabic celebrities that didn't make any plastic surgery.
Sexy Dana Halabi, also called Doudou, wanted to become famous and her desires become true in a record time. It all started when she met Jad Sawaya, a famous lebanese producer and manager. Halabi started singing in sexy video clips using her hot body to attract arab viewers. Her very first song is Ana Dana. She got other succesful hit songs like Enta Meen, Miya Miya, Howa Ana Shewaya and Ana El asl.

Dana Halabi Video Ay Khedma Ya Basha

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