Dominique Hourani

Dominique Hourani دومينيك حوراني is a sexy arab lebanese super model, amazing singer, designer and actress.

Hot Dominique Hourani always wanted to make the cover of star magazines and to become a famous arabic celebrity. Born in Yaroun and raised in Beirut, her sexy body and amazing look will open to her the doors of success. Dominique first worked as a top model and became a famous worldwide super model after being crowned in 2003 Miss Inter-Continental.

Sexy Dominique Hourani didn't stop there, from modeling she wanted to start acting and thats what she did when she played in a famous lebanese serie called Oyoun Khayna and a in a movie with famous arabic star Adel Emam. Her starting career as an actress was really successful and the arab world loved her. Hourani is also a singer and released top hit songs like Aiwa Di Ana, Natoor and Farfoura.

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