Hoda Fadel

Hoda Fadel هدى فاضل is a sexy arab lebanese hot model.

Hot Hoda Fadel is one of the most famous top model in the arab world. She often makes the cover of arabic reknown fashion magazines and always appears in tv commercials and video clips. Hoda long dark hair, delicious body, attractive eyes and sexy legs created an arabic sex symbol who loves to use her body and charm to show how desirable she can be. Labeled as a bad girl this playful sexy baby got a video where she dances topless with her sister in the desert of Nevada at burning man.

Sexy Hoda Fadel works for Nadel Modeling reknown lebanese agency. Fadel loves to show us how sexy she is when she dance. Her sister Fida Fadel is also a model and consider her sister as her best friend...how lovely! Hoda got a very special hobby, she adores high speed yachts and everything related to boating. She feels like a fish in the water when she's driving luxury yatches.

Hodal Fadel Picture of the sexy lebanese model

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