Manel Filali

Manel Filali منال فلالي‎ is a sexy arab algerian hot pop music german star.

Hot Manel Filali was born in Algeria in 1981 and later moved to Germany where she founded with Anne Ross a pop group called Milk and Honey. Minal is better known worldwide for her pseudo Honey. According to her, creating the group was a way to make connexion between western and eastern cultures. In 2006, she made her very first song "Habibi" wich became a top 100 german hit and remained for more than 3 monthes.

Sexy Manel Filali wasn't very well known in the arab world until 2009 when she released the single Leche Leche Anna Anna wich was aired on most famous arabic music tv channels wich give her a chance to become well known in arabic countries. She's maried to Karim Matmour, an algerian famous football player, and she always like to experiment new musiic styles.

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