Nadine Labaki

Nadine Labaki نادين لبكي is a sexy arab lebanese music video clip director and an actress.

Hot Nadine Labaki passion for directing started when she first participated in the famous tv show Studio El Fan. She became well known after directing Tayr El Gharam video clip for Pascal Machaalani famous arabic singer star. But her first real professional success was a video clip for Nancy Ajram song Akhasmak Ah that was aired for monthes in most arabic tv channels. Beautiful Nadine also worked for famous music artists like Carole Samaha, Majida El Roumi, Nicole Saba, Noura Rahal, Nawal Zoghbi and Katia Harb.

Sexy Nadine Labaki amazing directing style and great imagination in visual production is the reason why she is one of the most appreciated lady in the industry. Born in Lebanon in 1974, Labaki is married to a music composer and her successful music video clips always receive awards and are much appreciated by the arab viewers. Nadine is also an actress and was the principal character in the movie Caramel or Sukkar Banat.

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