Rima Fakih

Rima Fakih ريما فقيه‎ is a sexy arab lebanese top model and miss usa 2010 beauty pageant.

Hot Rima Fakih was born in Lebanon and later moved with her family to usa escaping the civil war events. This beautiful arab girl is the first arab american babe to win the miss usa title as well as the first muslim american chick to win the contest. After becoming miss usa, the american media revealed that Rima participated in 2007 to a stripper pole dancing competition that she won but no provocative topless or nude pics were found.

Sexy Rima Fakih said that she's proud to be american but she's also so proud to be an arab american lady, lebanese american and a muslim american miss. Fakih victory was celebrated in the arab world and in the lebanese city of Jabal Amel in South Lebanon where she was born. Her family were living in New York where her dad got a restaurant and later moved to Michigan where they're living now.
Rima Fakih Video Pole Dancing controversy

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