Rola Saad

Rola Saad رولا سعد‎ is a sexy arab eye-catching lebanese model, pop singer and actress.

Hot Rola Saad
started first modeling then became a famous singer in 2006 after releasing a remake of classical song Yana Yana by arab legendary world star Sabah. The song was a real success. After that in 2008, Rola decided to became an actress and played in an Egyptian movie called Al Ghourfa 707.

Sexy Rola Saad
grew up as an orphan and when she was a child she always dreamed to become famous. Not only she later became famous but she was also perceived as the direct rival to Haifa Wehbe, one of the most famous arab women in the arab world. Artistical war was annouced between the two stars. It all started by imitating each others during public performances to make people laugh and the rivalty never stopped until now. In 2010 She released a top chart single Eih Da Eih Da.

Rola Saad Video
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