Ruby روبي also known as Rouby is a sexy arab egyptian famous model, actress and pop singer.

Hot Ruby was studying law when she first started her modeling career posing for magazines and showing in tv commercials. But she wanted more exposure, thats the reason she decided in 2001 to become an actress and played in a movie made by arab world famous producer Youssef Chahine. Later on this hot babe started her singing career in 2003 and made her first video clip "Enta Aref Leh" in Prague.

Sexy Ruby provocative way of dancing and singing in her videoclips and controversial sexual scenes in her movies revealed a real arab sex symbol. One of her movie 7 Playing Cards "Saba3 Waraat Kotchina " was even banned in most arabic countries due to explicit content. This crazy hot chick always want to get more exposure in the arab media and nothing seems to stop her showing how sexy she is.

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