Yara يارا is a sexy arab amazing lebanese singer.

Hot Yara get discovered after releasing akhedni ma3ak song with arab reknown singer Fadel Shaker. After her promising beginning, Yara angelic beauty produced her very first album Twassa feyi in 2005 which included one of her most reknown song "Hob Kbeer". Born in 1983 in Dar el Ahmar, this lebanese hot babe, with amazing vocal, real name is Carla Nazih Berkachi. In 2008, beautiful Yara launched another successful album called Enta Menni who became one of the best sellers album of the year.
Sexy Yara love to sing in different arabic dialects: lebanese, egyptian or khaliji, this gorgeous woman fixes no limit, thats the reason she released in 2009 La'ale Khalijiya, an album totally made in khaliji dialects: amazing skills for a lebanese singer ! Ana Ensanah and Sodfa became one of her best selling romantic songs.

Yara Video Sodfa

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