Arwa اروى‎ is a famous sexy arab yemeni singer and a TV Host on MBC.
Hot Arwa was studying engineering at Cairo university when she decided to start her singing career in 1999. This yemeni attractive baby was born in Kuwait in 1976 but lived most of her life in Egypt where her parents decided to move. As a singer Arwa released 4 successful albums and her very first album was Ahla Ayami wich means My best days.
Sexy Arwa real name is Eman Salem Bamiran but her artistic chosen name is Arwa. After becoming a well known singer Arwa decided to enter the world of TV hosting and she was quite successful doing this job receiving a Golden Award in 2010. She host a famous tv show aired on MBC called Akher man Yaalam wich means The Last person to know.

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