Najwa Karam

Najwa Karam نجوى كرم‎ is a sexy arab lebanese famous singer.
Hot Najwa Karam is one of the highest paid arabic artist in the arab music industry. Since a very young age her angelic voice was remarked by her friends and family. Najwa was a teacher when she decided in 1985 to start her artistic career winning the gold medal in a tv show called Layalo Lubnan. Her Folkloric lebanese voice style will open to her the doors of fame. People call her the sun of song because of her amazing powerful voice.
Sexy Najwa Karam real success and big exposure only started in the late 1994 when she joined Rotana famous arabic music label. Later in 1998 she changed her very traditional folkloric style to a more modern style with hits songs like Maghroumeh and Noqta al satr. Najwa even made a word tour breaking all audience records for an arabic artist. She is one of the most famous and most respected singer in the arab world.

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