Sofia Marikh

Sofia Marikh صوفيا مريخ is a sexy arab moroccan pop music singer, model and a famous entertainer.
Hot Sofia Marikh started her career as a model and since a very young age regularly appeared in well known advertisements in her country. Later she decided to join the famous music arab reality show Star Academy 1 but she prefered to sing in french and english rather than arabic and that was the reason her appeareance wasn't a very big success and she didn't win the reality show despite of her singing abilities and her contagious joyful personality.
Sexy Sofia Marikh became famous in all the arab world after making a tv commercial for Pepsi. She released later her first album called Kelmet Hob that was quite successful and even entered in Virgin’s top 10 chart. The most appreciated song in the album Bezzaf Bezzaf was aired for weeks in most famous arabic radios. Her success didn't stop there, as a moroccan she was even awarded by the king of Morocco.

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